Who is Marinda Leigh?

To Discover. To Share. To Inspire.

A magazine styled blog set out to discover great things in life and share it with the world starting from the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia.

Hi. We’re Marinda and Leigh,  two girls that are passionate about living the life we want. We love going around Perth, discovering new places, wining, dining and enjoying life.

We love to meet people and hear their stories; people with passion and visions, following the path that they feel is right for themselves. We are constantly inspired by so many people around us and in turn, we want to inspire the people that we meet.


If I can only pick three words to describe myself, I would choose: fun, sexy and ambitious. I’m generally laid back, optimistic, carefree and happy go lucky  - a very typical Sagittarius.

On travel:
I’m happiest when I’m travelling the world and having deep and meaningful talks with people from all walks of life. Favourite cities I would just keep revisiting: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vancouver.. And of course there’s Europe: Paris, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Venice… I just love Europe to bits,it’s too hard to only be able to pick a few!

On fashion and beauty:
My fashion style is casual chic. I love any fashion coordinates that make me look classy, sophisticated and sexy. I enjoy indulging myself with luxury brands. It’s my motivation to work hard to pay for these nice things I love!

On work:
I work hard so I can play hard. I believe it’s very important to find a job that you absolutely love and  then you will never have to work a day in your life. You can’t fabricate passion, it comes from within your heart and soul.

On life:
If you find yourself envisioning, dreaming and fantasising about a certain lifestyle that you deem is perfect, I say go and work your butt off until you’ve achieved that life for yourself. It’s not easy, but it depends how badly you want it.

And here is something very cliche yet true about me:
I’m a hopeless romantic that enjoys walks on the beach at sunset, staring at stars and candle lit dinners. Leigh made fun of me and said that this is not a profile for a dating site :( But i’m putting it here anyway!)



How does one even begin to go about describing themselves? I suppose there’s really no need to take myself all too seriously. I’m someone who decided to go against society’s norms and join those that are taking up the ranks of non conformity and forging a life for themselves on their own terms. I suppose you would call me something of a free spirit.

On travel:
I absolutely adore travelling. I also have an unsatiated need to indulge in history and anthropology and what better way to do that than travel the seven seas? Flights really suck but I put up with them. I love meeting people and learning about their culture, their lives, discussing the differences between us and revelling in the fact that we really are all the same.

On style:
If I’m not in a tank top and shorts then you’ll probably find me in a dress. I like to call it the “Leigh style” but really, it’s just classic preppy. I like looking flawless and sophisticated (of course, that doesn’t always work). I also love braids.

On work:
I decided to go the route of an entrepreneur so that I can make the the rules as I go. I want to start a movement for freedom, whether it be financial, time, spiritual, or just mental. And of course, it fits right in with my lifestyle.

On life:
I love life and I’m really one to stop and admire the roses. Maybe that’s why I love the slow, relaxed pace of Perth. One thing I’m guilty of is not being grateful for everything that I have and it’s something I try to work on everyday.

I believe strongly in fate and destiny but I also believe that you make choices in life that will take you to your predetermined destiny. I’m so full of contradictions that sometimes, I find myself a mystery. World domination is also always on my mind.




Q: How do you have so much free time?
A: We’re self employed and leisure is business to us.

Q: Do you blog for a living?
A: We don’t but it’s complimentary to our business (www.marindaleighpr.com.au).

Q: Do you get paid or sponsored for reviews?
A: We usually do reviews when we absolutely love the place, product or person for nothing but the joy of it. There are, however, occasions when we have been sponsored for a review. When this happens, we disclose the information and make non biased judgements and posts. We like to think we live by the rules of integrity.

Q: Why do you blog?
A: We love the lifestyle around Perth and genuinely want to promote the great things, places and people in this beautiful city. We also love to travel and share our adventures with whoever is interested.

Q: How do you two know each other?
A: We’ve been best friends for the past 15 years, attending the same primary school, high school and university. We’re practically family.

Q: Do you do everything together?
A: Yes. Yes, we do. On a fundamental, unconscious level, we are each other.

Q: Who’s the outgoing one and who’s the quiet one?
A: When you initially meet us, you’d think Marinda is the outgoing one and Leigh is the quiet, shy one. But don’t be fooled by appearances, there are times when Marinda is super quiet and Leigh is chatting away non stop. It all depends on the situation and environment.





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