2015 Good Food & Wine Show and Homemade High Tea - A weekend of good food!

First post of the year. *cough* a little late, yes I know.

We've been taking a long hiatus here at Marinda Leigh. Partly because we've been lazy and partly because there have been so many things going on in our lives. We've been living, loving and laughing.

But for me, it hasn't been all life, love and laughs. There were so many tears as well. I went from one end of the spectrum to another. From planning our wedding vows to me desperately, irrationally screaming at him to get out of my life. People say the first year of marriage is the hardest. I say the first year of living together is the hardest.

The stresses of life really got to me this year and I took it all out on the one person who loves me unconditionally. I could have been better these past few months. We both could have been better. We could have had more love rather than resentment; we could have had affinity rather than hostility; we could have worked together. And that's the past which I've put behind me and what better way to a fresh start than good food and wine?

The husbie got us tickets for the 2015 Good Food & Wine Show months ago and we were both so looking forward to it! After everything we went through over the past couple of months, it seemed a great re-start. Delicious red wine, sumptuous deletable food! How could you not fall in love again?

One thing I am 100% sure of is that food brings people together. Food is about love and fun and laughter.

              We eat and we love. 
 We drink and we laugh.

 Our all time favourite girls! Ebs and Debs (I do realise that I have their names wrong. That's just what I call them and I honestly don't know their real names!)

 Some pretty darn good whisky from Albany.

What an awesome start to the weekend. Because it didn't end there! On Sunday, it was my good friend Ami's birthday and we had planned a high tea party for her!

It was a DIY high tea made by the girls! Salmon dill cream cheese sandwiches, chicken peri peri mayo sandwiches, wontons, spring rolls, scones with cream and jam, lemon curd tartlets, chocolate ganache tartlets, and citrus polenta cake. A beautiful afternoon of an assortment of teas, indulgence and great company! I couldn't stop eating even though I was so full! Oh, food; my love, my life.

 Happy birthday Ami!

I've made myself a promise to start enjoying my life again. No matter how hard business gets, no matter how frustrated I am, I don't want to let my precious time slip away from me in a whirlwind of anger and tantrums again. I've wasted way too much time letting that happen this year and I'm a grown woman for goodness sake! I'm better than that!


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