My Life Changing Year; 2014

I honestly find it close to impossible to sum up everything that has happened in the past 365 days. This year has definitely been the most fulfilling, action packed year of my life to date but most importantly, it's the year where I have matured the most and I have really expanded and stretched myself both mentally and spiritually.

My best friend and business partner, also known as my partner in crime, Leigh and I started the year out on a quest to reach financial freedom and to live a life we have been dreaming of for more than a decade! We had no road map to success, we knew what we wanted but we had no idea how to get there. We really just winged it and went with the flow of things. I call this year the apprentice year of our entrepreneurship.

We networked like crazy
We constantly put ourselves in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations
We self developed like crazy - books, courses, seminars
We took care of our health and spirituality - yoga, meditation, exercise, eating well, health supplements
And we took action. Lots of action.

Here are the outcomes and summary of our year!

We met a LOT of people this year from all walks of life! We built close relationships with some really amazing, ambitious and talented individuals. And some of them opened doors to great opportunities and different life experiences for us.

Out of all the business and self development seminars that we did, the most powerful course that I did this year and I strongly recommend the course to anyone are the Landmark courses. I did the forum in August and the advanced course in November. It really transformed my outlook on myself, on life, and on the world.

I realised I've been the happiest I've ever been in my life without having any of the things that I thought would make me happy such as shopping, travelling, being a meaningful relationship etc.

Of course being able to shop, travel and have a meaningful relationship still makes me immensely happy, but I wasn't relying on them just for a spike of momentary happiness. I wasn't chasing happiness. My state of constant being is happiness!

We tried to start multiple businesses, failed and won :) It took a lot of trial and error and lessons learnt. We may have failed or given up on some of the businesses we started, but in the end we really found the business model and opportunities that worked for us. So when we found vehicles that were truly worth the investment of our time, money and effort, and when you are so excited, passionate and determined for its success, there is just no way you will lose!

I fell in love this year, twice :)

The first one is with myself. After the powerful Landmark Forum, I really got confronted to the realisation of how much I didn't love myself. I was always collecting evidence of whether I was good enough, or not good enough. It was so powerful when I could just let it all go, and just be truly confident and comfortable in my own skin. And to really love and appreciate myself without needing the validation from anyone else.

And a few weeks after that, I met the man of my dreams ;) and fell in love for the second time this year! 

Now that 2014 is done and dusted, I am even more excited for what's to happen next year. This year was really the warm up and I'm so ready to bring on 2015! I am committed to updating this blog more often so that it can really properly reflect the awesome events to come next year! 2015 is the year we reach financial freedom, start extensive travelling & living it up!!

Now I will let the photos do the rest of the talking :)

Social fun, partying, wine & dine ~ living the life! 

Fav fine dining restaurants of 2014 - Amuse, Sushia, Balthazar, Nobu, Guillaume, Wild Duck, Print Hall Dining
Fav trendy restaurants of 2014 - Old Faithful Bar & BBQ, Pleased to Meet You, The Darling Supper Club
Fav bars of 2014 - Laneway Lounge, Bad Apples, Lafayette, Bob's Bar, Bobeche, Matisse
Fav cafes of 2014 - Low Down and Bossman, La Veen on King


Business Shenanigans - Expos, Launch party, Fashion shows, Beauty & Bubbles

Business Trip in Sydney

Until next year!



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