Marinda Leigh's Year of Self Development Part II

What has been driving us for the past year? In the previous post on self development, we attributed the start to the "dog guy" who really compelled us to seriously look at ourselves and our social skills. But it goes so much deeper than that. It really is a story that goes back 15 years.

We've grown up together from primary school to high school, to going to uni together. I guess when you spend so much time together, you influence each other as you share your dreams and aspirations. Somehow, over the years as we grew up together, our dreams just melded into one and now we both have such a strong vision that we're working towards.

All our lives, we've wanted more. More than the average 9-5 life. More than to settle for mediocrity. More than to say yes to a mortgage and to be tied down to a job that we hate for the next forty years of our lives. Everyday, we would talk about the day when we could live a financially free life, travelling the world, enjoying fine food and sipping champagne on a yacht. This was our why. As vapid and superficial as it is, this was it.

But that's the back story. The real story begins when we said, enough is enough and took matters into our own hands and quit our stable jobs at a huge international oil and gas company. Especially at a time when it so difficult for people our age to land a secure job, it was a huge decision we had to make. We were looking for something, a way out of a mediocre life and a way in to our dream lives. I can say now, looking back, that it was a brave thing to do. So, so brave.

We really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. We thought that everything would work out. Maybe it's the prerogative of entrepreneurs but there are so many "bad times" and hardships to go through and all you have to hold on to is the hope that you're going to make it in the end.

Tears, blood, sweat and frustration; it's not an easy journey, but it is so amazing and fulfilling. Especially when you have someone who shares the same vision with you and together, you build on your why and work towards your dream. Soul mates is usually reserved for lovers but we truly believe we've found our soul mates in each other. Aww, how sweet!

Most people don't get us, they just don't. And we need to accept that. It is lonely at times and we have been criticized, judged, looked down on. But all that is OK because over the past year, we've learnt to accept it and to really embrace it. It's all part of self development.

We believe that entrepreneurship is all about growing and becoming the best people that we can be. Every time we stop and look back, we are in awe of how much we have grown and how far we've come. We're not the young girls that we were at the beginning of our journey. We look at ourselves and see women now. And truly, we are so proud of ourselves.

Our journey is just at the beginning. And yet, we can really see the end. Our goal is so close. We're nearly there but not quite yet. What a position we're in. Next time on Marinda Leigh, we'll really share with you what our journey was and the ups and downs, triumphs and "failures" and how we can finally see it all working out.

And on a last note, how fitting that this post by Ali Mese is going viral right now and it's exactly what we're trying to express here! If you haven't read it yet, you HAVE to read it; especially if you're a budding entrepreneur. "The only comfortable place was next to my few entrepreneur friends. It was true, only an entrepreneur could understand an entrepreneur." This is so true! We didn't blog about the same things but I can totally relate to his story and all that he's gone through.


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