Marinda Leigh's Year of Self Development

We've spent the last year on so much self development that we've probably become maybe a bit too obsessive. From courses to gravitating towards successful entrepreneurs to constant reading and learning, it fills our days up! But really, can one get too obsessive when it comes to self development?

Marinda has always been an entrepreneur at heart, starting her small side businesses from a young age, trying this and that, learning from "failures" and emerging from the ashes. We consider that self development as well. You can't succeed without going through a few road blocks and bumps in life. She always knew that she could never work for anyone else. It's her way or the highway.

Leigh has always been something of a social "rebel", never really settled on the idea of being settled like everyone else. From living overseas to floating from one job to another (or no job at all because she's above all that), self discovery and development has always been the driver of every decision and move.

We've gone through a lot over the past eight months since quitting our jobs. But it all started over a year ago, on the day that we decided we needed to do something different. And we look back on that day every once in a while and thank the "dog guy" that we met in the park.

It was a public holiday and we were walking our dogs and decided to settle on a bench for a good session of gossip. Halfway through our conversation, along came a very cute guy walking his doberman who stopped and had a little chat with us. Now, you have to understand that we always thought of ourselves as social creatures. We partied, we had heaps of friends, we're just sociable people in general! Or so we thought!

But when this guy started talking to us, we were so unbelievably awkward that he eventually, very awkwardly made his way. It's not that we didn't want to talk to him or that we snobbed him... It truly was the fact that we didn't know what to say to this guy and despite all his efforts, the most he could eke out of us were a few words at a time! We were both, literally, socially awkward.

And from the moment he walked away, we started to question ourselves. Like, truly question ourselves and who we thought we were versus who we really were. Were we really sociable people? Were we really open to speaking to and connecting with anyone and everyone? We thought not.

And so began our obsessive search and journey to self development. Thank you, "dog guy". If I see him again, I would tell him the story and really thank him for all that we've gone through over the past year because of him. He really was the catalyst.

Stay tuned for Part II as there's so much more than just the "dog guy" in this story!


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