It's All About the Vision

And the why. It's all about the vision and the why.

When you have a strong enough why, you'll stop at nothing to attain it. When your vision is so clear in your mind, no setbacks will hold you back. We've had to detour time after time, make a step forward and take two back but we're still on track. Because we have a strong enough vision and why. It's what keeps us going.

Have integrity in life. No bullshitting, no backstabbing, no gossiping!

In the previous post, we mentioned our why. That goal that we're striving towards and saying no to mediocrity for. And after one long year, maybe you could even call it a lifetime of searching for the perfect way to achieve our WHY, we've finally found it! In the past two months, Marinda Leigh has been so excited because we finally see our dreams coming to life.

It wasn't an easy journey. True to form, we started up businesses that failed, we worked and worked and worked to no avail, we were doing everything but at the same time, nothing. We've been through some pretty shit bad times. We've lost friends because they don't understand what we're doing, why we can't be "normal" and get a "normal job". They've looked down on us, they've talked about us behind our backs and they've judged us. We've come across some pretty unsavoury characters, people who have taken advantage of us, who have threatened to make our lives miserable and can only resonate hateful energy.

But we've also come across some really amazing people. And these people are the ones that we want to thank every day because they have given us so much support. When we were nothing but two girls at the beginning of our journey, in the pits with nothing to show, we've had hands extended to us and hearts opened to us.

And finally, it's all starting to work out. By no means does that mean we've made it but we can finally feel like we're going uphills again. Something shifted in the past couple of weeks, but mountains moved in the past couple of days and the weighted burdens of fear and doubt have lifted and it allows for greater things to come into our lives.

No words can ever describe the feeling I have in my chest but if I were forced to describe it, I would say I'm full of love. Love for life, love for the people around me and love for all the experiences we've been through, good and bad.

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