Tmart brush set review (Sponsored) has kindly sponsored Marinda Leigh a 12 piece wood handle cosmetic brush set to review. As a qualified make-up artist, I've seen, used and discarded my fair share of make-up brushes from top of the range MAC brushes to medium range Sigma Beauty to cheap, no name brands. 

The brushes come in a sleek black case.

Initially, I wasn't expecting much from these brushes because of the price tag on them ($17.32aud) but I must say, I was really impressed with the quality of these brushes. The set comes with:
  • Eyeshadow Brush   
  • Uniform Powder Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Lip Brush 
  • Eyelash Brush   
  • Blush Brush   
  • Eyebrow Brush    
  • Eyeliner brush   
  • Foundation Brush 
  • Concealer Brush   
Material: Goat Hair, Nylon Hair, Wood

The hairs don't fall off during make up application and the brushes blend the make up well. And I'm really liking the look of the wooden handles.

Special mentions to the following four brushes from the set which I now use on a daily basis:

Foundation brush: Blends foundation really well

Eyeshadow brush: Brush is soft and blends the eyeshadow well.
Tip: Shake off the excess eyeshadow and gently press the eyeshadow onto the eyelids to avoid fall outs.
Eyebrow brush: I'm a huge fan of this brush! You can really draw precise lines when doing your eyebrows with this brush.

Lip brush: great precision and you can extend the brush for easier handling by attaching the lid on the end.

Make up look below is applied with these brushes :)

Tmart has kindly sponsored Marinda Leigh a set of these brushes to giveaway! Stayed tuned for the giveaway coming up soon!


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