Smuggled Seeds, Leederville

Our good friend, Kenneth recently bumped into an old friend of his, Rob, and found out that he had opened up a cafe in Leedy about a year ago. Well, obviously, we had to check out this brunch place we had never previously heard of. Smuggled Seeds is a little hidden cafe further from the main cafe strip of Leedy and if it weren't for Kenneth, we certainly would never have found it.

As I sat in this cafe, I felt, as I went back through to the recesses of my memory, that I had driven past this place numerous times before with my ex on our way to work in the mornings. I remember seeing people coming out with coffees and making a mental note to try out the coffee one day. Well, how many months later and I finally gave it a try.

Smuggled Seeds uses Five Senses Coffee beans and the owner, Rob, puts together his own blend, changing it almost weekly but as often as he chooses, really. This time, we got a 3 bean combo of Ethiopia, Brasil and Peru with a lovely butterscotch undertone. As Rob explained the blend to us, we could really see and feel his passion for coffee and food. It's inspiring stories like his that we really want to share with the world!

The feed is simple but hearty and set at what we think are more than fair prices. Smuggled Seeds uses the freshest ingredients for their dishes and provides generous portions. Rob explained to us that he understands he can charge much higher prices and people will pay but he wants to do right by his community and keep the prices as low as he can. That's integrity right there.

Chorizo, prawn and avocado. First the chorizo is cooked then the prawns are cooked in the oil of the chorizo and it's all put together with a basic guacamole recipe to create this dish!

Free range eggs and delicious toasted bread with a side of chorizo (and some amazing sauce)

Smuggled Seeds serves green tea lattes (hot and cold) and it is a product of over 20 trials before Rob decided he would serve it. To this day, he's still trying to source the best of ingredients from the matcha powder itself to the green tea ice-cream. Rumours have it that the ice cream may come from Serendipity Ice Cream. Rob made cold green tea lattes for us, on the house, and it was such a treat! We really enjoyed it because it's so hard to find it in Perth and we love green tea!

The cafe itself is small but has a really funky feel about it with the woody and elegantly simple decor. It really is quite trendy and fits right in in Leederville. Customer service was impeccable. Even though Rob spent some time chatting to us, he made it a point to say bye and wish each customer a good day as they left. Simple things like this really make the cafe stand out.

Ambiance   ★★★
Service       ★★★★★
Food           ★★★
Value          ★★

Price $ ( Under $15 per main)

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We're so excited for what's to come for Smuggled Seeds in the next year or so. Rob has big plans to bring Smuggled Seeds to a more food focused cafe in the second year of business as he's quite a chef himself. He has aspirations to have a Michelin star restaurant and we're cheering for him all the way!

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