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Some people wonder why I drive all the way up to the city just for a cup of coffee. And to those people I say, you don’t appreciate good coffee if you don’t understand why I do it. Coffee is so much more than just the taste of that one cup you’re drinking. What constitutes a good coffee to me is flavour, consistency and the passion behind it.

La Veen on King St. is one of those cafes that make a consistently great cup of coffee each and every time I’ve been there. It's a fairly small cafe that has a Melbourne kinda vibe to it. It's only been open since November and they're keeping it pretty low key at the moment. Their fundamental core values are to bring great coffee to Perth and educate the public on it and they have aspirations to be serve the best coffee in Perth.

The last time we made the trip up, we managed to sit down with Ben, the owner. The passion behind La Veen is definitely there and after chatting to Ben for a bit, we really understood where he was coming from in terms of the cafe and how he wants to take it to the next level. Sitting down with someone with so much passion oozing from them is an amazing experience and hours flew by without us even feeling it!

Ben said you can get the same beans in any cafe but to make a great cup of coffee, it’s the barista behind the counter. And I have to agree 100%. I've always gravitated towards the good looking baristas, myself. If coffee really isn’t your “cup of tea” then go to La Veen just to check out the barista. He, himself, is worth the drive to the city with his cute smile and great customer service. But in all seriousness, Brendan makes a fantastic cup of coffee and he always asks how it was once we're finished. Absolutely adorable!

For La Veen's black coffee, they use single origin beans and change them every 2-3 weeks so that their customers can experience the different subtleties of each origin. Currently their white coffee uses Five Senses, 50% Peru and 50% Costa Rica and they feature guest coffee using local and seasonal beans. 

Custom made coffee machine - one of two in Australia

Ben's knowledge of coffee is extensive and as he explained his vision to us, we caught between frantically scribbling notes and trying our hardest to digest all this new information. Everyday is a school day. And I didn't even mention their custom made coffee machine which took 10 weeks to make and allows for four baristas at one time, their special chocolate melting machine, or their cold drip which takes 6 hours to make.

We love cold drip!
Delicious apple and pomegranate ice tea and hot chocolate made with Margaret River chocolates

Currently La Veen have a small collection of "Chef's Specials" but if you visit them in 3-4 months, they'll have their restaurant up and running and ready to amaze you. Ben plans on focusing on having a balance of both amazing coffee and food at La Veen and although he said it's time consuming, it's something that he's really pushing for. Everything is made in house and that's something they won't compromise on even when they have their full dinner menu.

It's not an easy concept to keep the standards on both ends but the passion behind it all tells me that it's something they'll definitely achieve. We cannot wait to try out their dinner menu! But for now, we're happy to drive up for their coffee. I have to say, it's currently one of our favourite cafes in Perth so it's a must go to for everyone who hasn't tried it yet.

Ambiance   ★★★
Service       ★★★
Food           ★★★
Value          ★★

Price $$ ( $15 - $25 per main)

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