Marquay Restaurant in South Perth

On Wednesday, after a long session of Yoga (who knew one could sweat so much!) at a South Perth studio, we decided to go for a long, leisurely walk along the foreshore to relax a bit. As we walked in the cool breeze, we noticed that the Bellhouse Cafe was up and running again. We were intrigued by the refurbishment; lights were on, people were seated inside and it looked like the renovations were finally done! Then we noticed something new. What was formerly known as the Bellhouse Cafe was now Marquay.

I used to pop in to the Bellhouse cafe once in a while when I was feeling like a casual coffee and cake or sometimes I go there on a lazy Sunday morning for breakfast but the last few times I was there, they were closed. So suffice to say that on a Wednesday evening at 8:30pm, I was keen to sit down and have some dinner at this new restaurant.

We walked in feeling slightly self conscious in our gym gear but our discomfort quickly fled as we were greeted by a lovely lady who looked past our appearance and made us feel comfortable and ready to dine. As we waited for a table by the window we had a quick chat to the host. She said that it was only their second trading night and the Bellhouse had been closed for about 4 months now. They had made some great changes to the place and I was really liking their decor.

We were soon seated and presented with the menus. I was pretty excited. So far, so good. Service was great with all three waitstaff that we encountered, they had an extensive drinks menu (alcoholic alert) and their menu looked really good. First things first, we ordered a drink each and then took our time deciding what to order.

In the end, we decided to share an entree of scallops which were fantastic! Cooked well and not rubbery at all with no weird aftertaste that we sometimes experience with scallops.

I have to say that the mains weren't spectacular. The duck was pretty good but the salmon was average, in my opinion. Presentation was good, though.


Dessert was great. We had the seasonal fruit crumble which ended up being apple and pear. It was delicious but very sweet, so luckily we had one to share between the two of us. I would have ordered a coffee but seeing as it was so late in the night, I decided to forgo it.

Ambiance   ★★★
Service       ★★★
Food           ★★★
Drinks         ★★★
Value          ★★★

Price $$$ ($25-35 per main)

Marquay is open until late in the evenings and the kitchen closes at 10pm and I think they mentioned something about supper at 11pm. I love their decor and their service is great. Hopefully they maintain their great standards as it gets busier. This is definitely a place worth checking out, although I've not yet tried their coffee.

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