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There's something immensely pleasing to me when I go to a cafe and they have doggie bowls set up with water outside. It means they're dog friendly! I always make a mental note to bring the dogs one day and continue on into the cafe feeling all chuffed inside. But really, a thought is hardly an action now, isn't it?

As promised, this is the second post on Marinda Leigh's Top 5 brunch cafes in Perth. My previous on was on Casa Bianchi in Mt Hawthorn. Soon to come are Gusto Food in South Perth; Bib & Tucker in Fremantle; and Canvas Cafe in Fremantle.

No 4 Blake St is a trendy cafe that does dinner, brunch and high tea and is definitely one of my Top 5s! The first time I went there, I was with my boyfriend at the time and I was extremely impressed with their breakfast and coffee. We sat by their big glass windows with sunlight pouring through and read our newspapers whilst sipping away on the coffee, waiting for the food. I always appreciate a good cup of coffee.

When the food came out, I was so excited, I just wanted to stuff my face! But decorum held me back. Needless to say, I was very impressed once it did manage to make it to my mouth. No 4 has a humble selection on their breakfast menu which runs from 7am to 3pm and if that doesn't tickle your fancy, their lunch menu starts from 11:30am onwards. Check out their menus here.

After a much enjoyable first experience with No 4, I made it my mission to go back as soon as possible. But life got in the way and I didn't get a chance to go back until a couple of months later. When I did finally make my way back to No 4, service was just as great as I remembered it to be and the staff always had smiles on their faces.

I ordered the same dish as I did previously (I'm not one for change, it seems) and I was just as impressed, if not more! The fried green tomato was my favourite thing on the dish!

Tomato & Bacon: fried green tomato, poached eggs, bacon, hollandaise

Then there was the Florentine which the best friend ordered. Fantastic! The bread had olives embedded in it and she loves olives so it was a real plus, plus, plus! I would definitely order the two dishes again!

Florentine: wilted baby spinach, b├ęchamel sauce, baked eggs, hollandaise 

Round three at No 4 Blake St was for high tea! After an impressive breakfast with a most delightful waitress recommending it to us, we made the decision to book it in. High tea is only available on Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm, you have to book in advance and they request a 50% deposit over the phone so be prepared to give your credit card details.

We were ushered to an area designated for high tea. It was set up with enough seats for those who booked in; white table cloths and bound menus; and sparkling wine being chilled in a large bucket, ready to serve should anyone order it.

We were told that the menu generally stays the same but they do change up the main components periodically. You can check out their current high tea menu here.

They say you eat with all five senses and No 4 certainly caters to visually impress! Colours, placement and presentation were beautiful!

And what is high tea without sweets? Again, visually stunning desserts were served to us with the most amazing lemon & meringue tartelette! It was the best way to finish off the sweets as that tart taste at the end helps wash away the all too sweet desserts.

Ambiance   ★★★★
Service       ★★★★
Food           ★★★
Drinks         ★★★★
Value          ★★★

Price $$ ($15-25 per main)

No 4 is situated in North Perth along Blake St and I've never had a problem finding parking every time I've been there. For some reason, though, I keep calling it No 4 Baker St. I have no idea where that came from and why I consistently call it that even though I know it's Blake!

But I digress. The food and service are what will bring me back here consistently. The manager is a really lovely man with a ready smile and he makes me feel happy to be there! That's something a lot of restaurants and cafes could learn from. The coffees are great but there is one gripe that I have with No 4 and that is the lack of scones and mini sandwiches with the high tea. I always enjoy scones with cream and jam and the little sandwiches when I sit down for high tea so the lack of made me a little sad inside. But that aside, I love No 4 and recommend it to everyone!

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