With Great Gusto do I Eat!

The South Perth foreshore is one of my favourite places in Perth. It's so romantic in the evening or at night and many a date has been had there. In the day, when the weather is nice, I like to drive up there and go for a leisurely walk by the Swan River or spread out a picnic blanket and lay in the sun, chatting my life away with whomever it is I happened to spend my day with.

Gusto Food is located on Angelo St, close to Perth Zoo and a few streets up from the foreshore. The first time I went there, I went with my good friend Jess. She chose Gusto Food for our catch up as someone strongly recommended it to her. Excited and ready to try out this place, we decided to go fairly early to avoid the brunch-time crowds. When we got there, though, there was already a line. But with only two in the party, it wasn't too much of a wait and we were seated quickly. I enjoyed it so much that the next Sunday after Yoga, I went there again with a bunch of girlfriends!

Orders are made at the counter and there is an option to use card with a minimum of $10. It's not too hard to meet the minimum if you're having brunch there but I guess it could prove to be a problem for people who go there just for coffees. Speaking of which, the coffee at Gusto Food is great! First time, second time, third time; the coffees did not disappoint.

Service was good with friendly smiles all round, although the lady at the counter could have been just that little bit nicer. I do understand, though, that it's a busy cafe and she probably wants the line to move quickly. That aside, the staff were great and very friendly.

I ordered the Pulled Pork Benedict both times and was very pleased both times! The portions were massive and looked unbelievably appetising! Along with two poached eggs and some really good hollandaise sauce, there was a generous serving of pulled pork on top of a piece of toast and a side of caramelised onion which was the best complement to the dish. Fantastic! I ate everything on the plate!

Pulled pork benedict

The Potato Hot Cake was also ordered both times and was much enjoyed by everyone. There is a side of avocado spread, the delicious hollandaise on top of two poached eggs with fresh, fresh salad and smoked salmon! The salad and salmon were so fresh and it made the whole dish really stand out!

Potato hot cake

Fantastic food and coffee! I will definitely be frequenting this little cafe! And the best thing about eating here? It's only a short walk down to the foreshore!

The lot

Ambiance   ★★★
Service       ★★★
Food           ★★★
Drinks         ★★★★
Value          ★★★

Price $$ ($15-25 per main)

Like I mentioned in my previous Top 5 post on No 4 Blake St, I love places that you can bring your dogs to and this is also one of those dog friendly places. My first time here, there was the cutest pair of puppy Cocker Spaniels, one brown and one black, lounging around outside Gusto Food while their parents had breakfast. If you have a dog or dogs, bring them down and have a coffee and brunch!

And as an ending note, I once again visited Gusto Food with a couple of girlfriends who haven't been there before and this time ordered the House Made Crumpets. Oh my goodness! It was fantastic! The yoghurt and peanut gravel made the perfect blend between the sweet and sour. Spread that on top of the fat, delicious crumpets with a little of the berry compote drizzled on top and you've got yourself a great breakfast that targets that sweet craving without being overly sweet! Everyone that I've been to Gusto Food with has thoroughly enjoyed the food served there!

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