Bib on & Tuck in!

And last but not least is my personal favourite in Marinda Leigh's Top 5, Bib & Tucker in North Fremantle. Great ambiance and food with good table service.

I've been here more than any of the other cafes, around the same amount of visits Leigh has made to Gusto Food, and I've tried both their breakfast and lunch menu.

Breakfast finishes at 11am so you have to get there early to make it for their breakfast menu. When it rains, the outside sitting area will be closed which halves their seating capacity. I happen to always go to Bib & Tucker on a Sunday and I find that there is always a huge queue every time I go. To ensure you get seated for the breakfast menu, try to get there by 9am or aim for earlier.

Bib & Tucker is a wonderful restaurant to be in when the weather is great with gorgeous blue skies and sunshine. Chilling by the beach with your glass of cider and delicious food is heavenly.

I love this Kopparberg elderflower and lime cider

Slow cooked pork belly pizza with mozzarella, mushroom and pickled onion

Amazing fish tacos - one of my favourite on the menu

Special dessert of the day recommended by the super friendly waiter who took a photo for us!

The starfish pattern on my cappuccino perfectly matches the beachy theme at Bib & Tucker 

This amazing dish is the Huevos divorcados - corn tortillas, smashed beans, eggs, red chipotle salsa, green tomatillo salsa, feta, charred corn and coriander salsa, crispy chorizo.

Truffled eggs

Dark ale braised beef cheek with roasted field mushroom, garlic spinach and peppered pastry

Warm lamb salad

Chocolate chestnut cake with candied orange

Bib & Tucker at Sunset

Ambiance   ★★★★★
Service       ★★★
Food           ★★★
Drinks         ★★★★
Value          ★★★

Price $$ ($15-25 per main)

The service of the table staff is generally very good, however I feel that the maĆ®tre d' (first point of contact) is not very friendly. I find it a tad bit annoying that we have to wait to be seated every single time but I suppose that's what happens when you go to a popular place. The great food and awesome ambiance; however, has made me a big Bib & Tucker fan!

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