Weekend Down South

Over a weekend some time ago, Marinda and I went down south to the holiday house in Mandurah with my boyfriend at the time. We needed someone to cook and clean for us, after all.

Mandurah is a beautiful, quiet city about an hour or so south of Perth. It's the second largest city in Western Australia after Perth and it's a great tourist spot. For those of us that live up in Perth, we love to go down to do a bit of fishing or crabbing on a sunny weekend and end it off with some delicious fish and chips.

We drove down in the evening, trying to beat the darkness of the night and made it just in time for dinner and then bed. In the morning when we woke up, the weather was absolutely beautiful and the clear aqua water was so enticing that the first thing I wanted to do was jump off the jetty and into the water.

Lamb schnitzel and roast veges for lunch.

Pancakes, bananas and ice cream for a sweet snack. Delicious! 

But there wasn't much time for play. We had an agenda for that weekend! We were going to do our very first photo shoot! Hair, make up, styling and photography! It was all a two girl job!

And after the photo shoot there was time for play! Dressed in shorts, tanks, sandals and a big floppy hat, we frolicked along the jetty and laughed and relaxed in the warm Australian sun while enjoying the beauty of Western Australia.

There are so many beautiful places in Western Australia and Mandurah is just one of them! Clear blue waters, vivid blue skys and warm sunny days. I feel so blessed to live here and be able to experience the natural beauty Australia can offer!

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