Travelling in Tokyo with Suica

To make life easy while we were travelling around Tokyo for two weeks, my friend Taka recommended we get a Suica rather than purchasing a ticket each time we travelled on public transport. The Suica is a money card that you can use on subways, JR lines, buses and the Tokyo Monorail without having to buy a ticket. There are all sorts of other uses for the Suica which we didn't utilise but you can find out more information on it here.

To buy the Suica, you just go to a ticket machine at a subway station and put in 2,000 yen. The card itself costs 500 yen and the remaining 1,500 yen can be used for your next train ride. All you need to do is tag on and off at each ticket gate and it's as simple as that. When your balance gets low, you simply add more money to your Suica (payment in cash only, no credit cards) and you're good to go again.

It was convenient for us when we were in a rush and knew our train was coming so rather than stop to buy a ticket, we pulled out our trusty Suicas and beeped on and ran to our train. It's very similar to the Smart Riders that we have in Western Australia and I think it's such a great system! You don't have to be a citizen of Japan to get it and it definitely saves you time and hassle!

This was one of the best recommendations we got during our trip, utilising our time and efficiency so I thought it would be great to pass on the message!

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