Cherry Blossoms - Yoyogi Park

The whole point of planning a trip to Japan in April was to see the beautiful and world renowned cherry blossoms. We did our research and found that the best time to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom was in the early weeks of April. In my mind, it was like walking through a park that was snowing pink petals. So romantic.

Unfortunately for us, this year, the cherry blossoms bloomed early and we missed the best two weeks of them. It was disappointing but we still managed to see some beautiful cherry blossoms.

The first location we went to as soon as the rain cleared up, was Yoyogi Park. First though, we stopped for some amazing ramen! Thinking about it makes me want to eat some more!

Then we wandered through Meiji shrine, thinking it was Yoyogi park and had panic attacks as all we saw around us was green. Had the cherry blossoms already fallen and all we were left with were green leaves? We lamented over the bad luck thrown at us! Still, we managed to make the most of it and took some nice pictures.

As we wandered out of Meiji shrine, finally realising we were in the wrong area, we asked a security guard where Yoyogi park was and were pointed in the right direction. Our energy levels picked up and we were again full of anticipation for pink petal snow!

And so it begins! Pink, pink everywhere! All around us were couples, groups, friends, all enjoying and appreciating the beauty that nature has so graciously bestowed upon us. Somehow, the photos just don't do it justice and it's something that has to be seen in person!

We took so many photos that day so I have to divide up the photos into three separate posts! Hope you enjoyed the first cherry blossom post. Stay tuned for post 2 - Nakameguro.

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  1. I have always wanted to go to visit Japan just to see the cherry blossoms!

    Camille ❤






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