Cherry Blossoms - Chidori-ga-fuchi Park

Our last destination was Chidorigafuchi and the Imperial Palace. We wanted to stay until dark as the night cherry blossoms (yozakura) is said to be beautiful. I will say now, we were not disappointed.

Yozakura (Night Sakura)

One of our very few photos together!

I have to say that the photos that we took did not do the beauty of the cherry blossoms justice, but I hope it compels you to add cherry blossom viewing onto your To-Do list and one day see it for yourself! You can find the list of most popular places for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo here. We managed to cover three locations in one day!

And so concludes the posts on Japan. Going through the photos, writing up a post on each location and activity that we did serves as a type of album, I suppose. I've thoroughly enjoyed going through these memories again and I hope my next trip to Europe will be just as, if not more amazing than this trip!

Look forward to some fashion posts coming soon!


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