Skytree Solamachi

The Tokyo Skytree tower sits within a big shopping complex called Tokyo Solamachi (literally translated to Tokyo Sky town/city). There is a shopping district, two floors dedicated to dining and it sits nicely above the subway station.

Souvenir shop directly outside the entrance/exit of Skytree

How about some Skytree photo clips?

I absolutely need a Skytree pen that matches my nails!

As we wandered around Solamachi, we snapped away at anything that we found interesting.There were lots of shops selling touristy items and souvenirs.

And the famous Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈)! Delicious soft cakes with a banana flavoured cream filling inside that is supposed to be a great souvenir to take home. They also have a range of different flavoured Banana such as chocolate (which we just had to buy), banana pudding, caramel and I'm sure plenty more. Check out their website if you're interested -

We stopped for some green tea desserts at Nana's Green Tea, but the soft serve that we originally wanted was either sold out or not being served after a certain time. So we settled on iced green tea. They have a big menu here so you have a variety of drinks and desserts to choose from.

The weather was beautiful, the skies blue and there were still some cherry blossoms outside of Solamachi, so of course, we had to get some pictures!

Wandering around Solamachi was really relaxing and quite fun. The shopping centre is brand new and it wasn't as crowded as most of the other shopping complexes around Tokyo. It's definitely worth having a look around even if you don't make it into Skytree.

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