Roppongi Hills

Where do you find sanctuary in the middle of a busy city like Tokyo? I didn't think you could. That is, until the day we went to Roppongi Hills. My friend Taka wanted to show us his favourite place in Tokyo and told us to meet him there.

We didn't think much of Roppongi Hills upon arrival. It was big and we had trouble finding the "spider" that we were to meet Taka at.

Eventually we found it and we understood what Taka meant by Spider. I ahhed silently and agreed that it was a good meeting spot. It was an impressive spider.

Inside Roppongi Hills was a whole different world. Classy, elegant, stylish, sleek. It was all of these adjectives combined and more! How I would have loved to have known about this earlier and shopped there! It was fairly quiet, not particularly crowded and there were water features all around, the cascading water creating a relaxing atmosphere.

We walked through the stone corridors,admiring the architecture in the quiet of Roppongi Hills. And as Taka took us further and further in, we began to see the little haven in the middle of Tokyo. It was breathtaking!

And this is where we stopped to have lunch on a sunny Spring's day. A splash of green in a city of grey.

Taking some time out to sit here and have a coffee and lunch in this sanctuary was one of the best things to do after a crazy two week shopping trip. The weather was pleasant and the company was even better! It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Japan.


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