Omotesando 表参道

Omotesando (表参道) is a wide, upscale shopping avenue lined with trees and many flagship luxury stores. I love Omotesando. In fact, I love it more than I do Ginza.

Armani cafe! It's amazing how they even have luxury brand cafes! 

Miranda Kerr, the current ambassador for Samantha Thavasa. Last time I was here, Victoria Beckham was on the huge Samantha Thavasa billboard!

We couldn't bypass Ted Baker without getting something

Inside Ted Baker, underground level

We stopped for some lunch in a cafe on the second storey of a building. It wasn't a fantastic meal but it was passable. What was truly enjoyable about lunch was being able to look down onto the avenue, chat and people watch - one of our favourite past times.

The view of Omotesando from our cafe on the second storey

I can't say the food looks terribly appetising but it was enjoyable 

After lunch we meandered over to Bvlgari, in which we spent quite a bit of time for two reasons. The first was to buy a gift for my friend Taka to thank him for the help and time he gave us during the course of two weeks. And the second was to try the famous Bvlgari chocolates!

We also dropped into Omotesando Hills, a shopping complex that was built in 2005.

Our shopping for the day - lots of luxury goods

I'll be doing a post on Kiddy Land in Omotesando next so keep tuned for cuteness overload!


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