Kiddy Land Omotesando

Kiddy Land. The name says it all. The inner child in me was ecstatic, the adult in me was just as ecstatic! Kiddy Land houses all the cute toys of Japan! Hello Kitty, Kapibara-san, Totoro, Rilakkuma (my favourite) and the list goes on and on! My appreciation for cute things has not died with age. Does my house really need any more soft toys? Perhaps not. But my unhealthy lust for all things Rilakkuma must be satiated! 


As we began our ascent up to the 4th floor, my heart beat in anticipation. Rilakkuma's popularity haa grown significantly since I first found out about him and no doubt, Kiddy Land's Rilakkuma store would reflect that. Rilakkuma is a San-X character created by Aki Kondo in 2003. His name is a combination of relax and kuma (bear in Japanese). Thus, Rilakkuma! Such an inspiring character he is to me! He sleeps, he eats and plays! That is the life! Rilakkuma is joined by his little sidekick Korilakkuma (small relax bear) and kiiroi tori, the little bird that likes to clean! Together, they are the cutest family!

Closer yet!

And finally! We have arrived!

And at the entrance we are greeted by Rilakkuma and Kiiroi tori! So exciting!

Miniature Rilakkuma furniture

And the wall of toys that range from small to massive! We were dying to take one of the big ones home but we couldn't justify it. Want versus need. The age old question.

I want to take you home...! But my home is too far away..

There were even real cacti in little Rilakkuma pots! My favourite plants and my favourite toy! My life would have been so complete! If Australia didn't have such strict custom laws, I would definitely have brought them home.

Shopping done, we had to pose with Rilakkuma before leaving!

My small collection from Japan to add to my collection at home! The big Kiiroi tori is so nice to hug!

What is it about this bear that I love so much? Even I don't really know the answer! To me, it's just the cutest thing in the world... After my dogs, of course!

 KIDDY LAND - Harajuku 
6-1-9 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Monday~Friday:[Open] 11:00-21:00,
Saturday, Sunday, and holiday:[Open] 10:30-21:00,
closed irregularly

If you are a sucker for cute things, check out Kiddy Land when you visit Japan!

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