For the Cat Lovers: Ikebukuro Cat Cafe

Cats. For most people, they're one of those love them or hate them creatures. As for me, I'm undecided. Sometimes I hate them because they're just so evil but sometimes they become these cute bundles of purring fur. How do you hate that?

The famous cat cafes of Japan. They're like maid cafes, butler cafes, host clubs. They cater to the weird fetishes of the world. We spent an inordinate amount of time in the rain, searching for this cafe, which we later found out wasn't even the famous one that we were told to go to.

This Cat Cafe called Neko Robi (Cat Lobby) is on Level 3 in Ikebukuro

Open from 11am til 10pm. 1000 yen for one hour on weekdays, 1200yen per hour on weekends.

Cartoon drawings of all the cats at the cafe
TV displaying photos of the cats

Cute cat shaped mirror

Despite the name Cat Cafe, I would hardly call it a cafe. If anything, it was a room of a fairly spacious apartment with cats roaming free. Nonetheless, it was a good experience, despite my allergies flaring up in the presence of so many furry cats! Hmmm... Perhaps another reason to dislike cats?



 Sleeping cats everywhere!

 Where did his head go?

 Ooo I just want to squish this puffy face!

Somebody's not impressed!

Can you spot 3 cats?

His name is Doraemon!

Cat Lobby Beauty Salon

My favourite cat!

  Mmm look at how he loves the scratches!

And this one too!

 This is one fierce cat!

 What's going on? What are they all waiting for?

 It's feeding time!

 Eat, my pretties, eat!

 Eat and sleep! Such is the life of an indoor cat.


What about you? Do you love or hate cats? Or maybe you're a bit like me; undecided.

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