Ooedo Hot Springs Theme Park

Japan is famous for their hot springs which help restore vitality, health and leave you with a smooth complexion. Maybe that's why Japanese girls have such beautiful skin! My favourite place in Tokyo by far is Ooedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba. It's a hot spring theme park where you can stay overnight or spend the whole day in to bathe, relax and eat.


There are a number of ways to access Ooedo hot springs. The official website provides in detail access information in English, Chinese, Korean and of course in Japanese.

 First thing that you have to do in the theme park is take our shoes off and store them in a locker.

At the counter, the clerk gives you a tag that you slip around your wrist. This tag gets beeped whenever you purchase food, drinks or have a massage so you don't have to carry anything around on you. The general admission fee for adults is 1,980 yen but there are different rates depending what time of the day you go. Admission fee, meals, massages or any extra activities are paid for at the end when you leave. Again, they keep track of all of this with your tag. We were wowed by what a smart system it was. In fact, we felt a bit stupid as we tried to pay in cash but the waiter asked us to just hold out our wrists. Do not repeat the same mistake that we made.

For details on all the admission rates please refer to the Ooedo onsen official website.

At first I was a bit trepidatious about baring my naked body to women I didn't know and to my bestie, but it's so normal to everyone that you start feeling slightly more comfortable.Within the big food halls, you can walk around in the kimonos provided by Oedo Onsen. There's definitely a festival feel in the air. I felt like I was in a Matsuri (Japanese festival).

"At Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari, “Ooedo-Onsen” and “Kogane-no-Yu” are baths filled with 100% natural hot-spring water pumped from 1,400 meters underground. Bathing in these waters, composed mainly of sodium and chlorine ions, as well as calcium, magnesium ions and other elements, leaves a film on the skin that is gradually absorbed, which has many healthful effects and makes bathers feel pleasantly warmed. In addition to these two baths, Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari has several other baths to suit all tastes." - credits to http://www.ooedoonsen.jp/higaeri/english/

As cameras within the hot springs and changing rooms are not permitted for good reason, photos below are credited to http://www.ooedoonsen.jp/higaeri/english/.

It feels like such a different world inside the theme park. As soon as you step in, you feel like you're not in Tokyo anymore. It's like you've been transported to a whole different place that's quieter, more peaceful and tranquil. It's definitely a place to relax and get away from the busy bustle of Tokyo city. Soaking your tired body in a bath of hot water which has healing properties; what better way than hat to end your holiday?

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