Odaiba Shopping Haul

As promised in my previous post, I'm giving you a much more indepth view of my purchases from Venus Fort and Diver City, Odaiba. I'm a huge fan of Gyaru brands as you can see from the pictures below! A lot of these prices are roughly rounded up or down just to give you an idea of the bargains you can get at Venus Fort!

All my treasured purchases from Dazzlin! The polka dot and beige one-pieces (3,969 yen) were the last ones! I was so lucky to get them!

T-shirts - 1,417 yen each,  Black leather skirt - 2,362 yen, Love it rabbit top - 3,345 yen

Titty & co

Tshirt - 2,100yen, Shirt - 3,150yen, Sweater - 2,100 yen, Cardigan - 2,625 yen, Hat - 1,575 yen

Stockings (Jouetie) around 1,000 yen, Top around 1,500 yen, shoes - 4,010yen, scarf - 1,417 yen

The prices from my Unspace 2 haul were so cheap, I can hardly believe it! Everything was discounted to 70% off! It was incredible!

I am in LOVE with my Resexxy leather jacket - only 2,394 yen

GYDA Dresses - 2,094 and 2,205 yen, Knit cardigan - 2,205 yen,  Grey top - 1,417 yen

Gyda heels 2,394 yen

MURUA:  Skirt - 1,890 yen, Pants - 2,677 yen

Duras purchases - Scarf - 1,18 yen,  Blazer - 7,875 yen

Shoes - 5,670 yen

Although the Duras outlet wasn't as cheap as other stores, we received AMAZING customer service from the sale assistants. One in particular was extremely helpful, polite and provided fantastic service. In fact, when we left the store, she bowed to us, which we found is the norm in Japan when you shop with them. But this sales assistant bowed so low and kept bowing until we disappeared from her line of sight! We come from a culture where we don't walk our customers to the door and thank them for their patronage by bowing so we we couldn't help but marvel at what an amazing sales assistant she was and the great service she provided!

EMODA: Skirts, leather shorts, light jacket around 3,000 ~ 3,500 yen

Pants 4,500 yen

Emoda - white pumps and purple sandals - 5,250yen each

Our Diver City haul

My four tops from H&M were 1,580 yen each and the dress was about 2,000 yen

Forever 21

 Red denim shorts - 1,480 yen, Peach dress - 2,580 yen, Shorts (gold studs and patterned) - 1,580 yen
Sleepwear: shorts - 680 yen, Robe - 1,980 yen, Romper - 1,880 yen

And you get the idea. I don't think it's necessary to list everything from Forever 21 as most people have access to their stores or even the online store (which I love shopping at!).

Goodies from the Japanese pharmacy

I am so in love with every single item I bought and I get compliments left and right from co-workers and friends so it was definitely worth the hardship we went through when carrying all those shopping bags around for hours! I definitely recommend you check out Venus fort first before going to the other shopping districts in Japan for the full priced items.

Hope you found this post useful! I will be drawing out the first winner of my giveaway from Japan tomorrow!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I was trying to search up more detailed pictures of the stores inside Venus Fort. This is somewhere I definitely need to go when I go to jp! Awesome items you bought, they're so amazing!

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad it was useful to you. It makes my time spent on this blog worthwhile!

      Marinda Leigh.

  2. i love the murua skirt! it's so affordable too c:

    1. It is also one of my favourite pieces! I received many compliments back home!

      Marinda Leigh.

  3. Heya! Was emoda and murua at venus fort or diver city? :)

    1. Emoda and Murua is at Venus fort - unspaced-2

      Marinda Leigh.







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