Odaiba - Island of Leisure

The Rainbow bridge, Venus Fort, Aqua City, Oedo Onsen Monogatari. So many great things are situated in Odaiba, the popular shopping district in Tokyo Bay. There is so much to do there that I recommend taking a few days out of your schedule for it!

The famous Odaiba Ferris Wheel

Odaiba is a man made island that is popular for shopping and entertainment. I enjoyed it so much that four out of the fourteen days we were in Japan, we spent there. It's a well set out island and everything is pretty much within walking distance, providing you don't plan on carrying loads of shopping bags like we were!

Photo credits to Go Tokyo

Apparently there are quite a few different ways to get to Odaiba but we used the Yurikamome line each time. It's not difficult to get there as long as you can find the line. If you can get to Shimbashi station, from there you can transfer to the Yurikamome line. You'll have to get out of the subway and walk a fair ways up to the line but there are signs leading the way and if ever you get lost, there are people from the station who are always happy to give you directions.

 Photo credits to Japan Guide

This is the Yurikamome station to look for when you get out of Shimbashi station.

I enjoyed the ride on the Yurikamome line. It runs along the Rainbow Bridge for a while and at night you can see Tokyo Tower and all the pretty lights. You get off at Odaiba Kaihin Koen and it costs about 310 Yen. Check out Japan Guide for different ways to get there.

Just a few snaps of the view from the Yurikamome

Beautiful Sunset in Odaiba 

We did so much in Odaiba that I can't just cram it into one post so keep updated for the next one about Venus Fort! It's all about shopping, shopping, shopping!

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