Akihabara, which can and usually is shortened to Akiba by the locals, is the "Electric Town" of Tokyo. It's a shopping district for all sorts of electronics, anime and games. In other words, Otaku goods. I guess a very loose translation of Otaku would be an anime-obsessed geek. 

It was pouring the day we decided to go to Akiba and the wind was so strong, our umbrellas flipped inside out on us and we were drenched in the rain. Luckily for us though, as we were about to leave Akiba, the rain stopped so we managed to take some street snaps so enjoy!

A filming session was going on

Gundam Cafe for Gundam fans (not us)

Japan has a lot of electronic goods even for beauty! There was a whole floor dedicated to beauty goods...

For the face...

for eyes and nose...

for hair...

I couldn't resist buying a hair curler because it was encrusted with Swarvoski crystals!

Not to mention the soft natural waves it produces!

I spent a lot of time in Don Quijote (shortened to Donki by the Japanese) because they have all sorts of beauty goods there for really good prices.

Our Donki loot!

And just before we left Donki, we stopped by to take some Purikura! That was definitely the highlight of the day.


The runner up winner for my Giveaway from Japan is will be picked soon. There are some masks and beauty products from Donki featured in this giveaway and lots of other goodies too! So if you haven't entered yet, better do it soon!

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  1. ahhh akihabara looks amazing! I can't wait to visit japan one day

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!

      Marinda Leigh.

  2. Amazing and great photos! I love Akiba! Haha! We used to call it Akiba. We love anime shop! Thank you for this post! :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed this post!

      Marinda Leigh.







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