The delights of Room Service and Relaxation

My short stays in Malaysia were filled with food, relaxing and pretty much slothing around. I rarely ventured out of my hotel in search of food; and really, why would I? The food that room service provided was of great quality and it was brought straight to my door. The lazy in me was overjoyed. Not only that, but given the exchange rate from Australian dollar to Malaysian ringgit, it seemed ridiculously cheap!

All of this combined with the delicious food set out so nicely in front of me in our studio apartment, how could I not be in the best of moods?

On the one occassion I dredged up the motivation to venture out of my hotel, I ran across the road of Park Hotel to a local restaurant. The maggi goreng (fried noodles) and kang kong was so cheap and mouth wateringly delicious, I imediately regretted not ordering another serve. To this day, I still reminisce of that flavour on my tongue.

Relaxing brunch at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside.

After a long two weeks of hard shopping, sleeping late and partying in Japan, we unwound with a well needed massage at the Vous Wellness Spa in the resort. 

Before we were ushered into our private massage room, we were offered hot ginger tea then ensued a foot wash and scrub before moving onto a full body massage. What words can I use but relaxing and indulgent? With soft music playing in the background and a massage therapist that spent two and a half hours dedicated to making sure my body was receiving the kind of treatment it deserved, I found myself surrendering to that limbo between wakefulness and sleep.

Holidays are fun but when trying to make the most of it, it's so easy to tire yourself out so don't forget to have one or two days dedicated to unwinding and relaxing.

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  1. aw :) this is a one happy trip! :) kangkong is indeed delish! it's a very usual and yummy food here in Asia.glad you like it!it's so nice to hear it from Aussie like you.hehe..

    1. Haha yep! I love Asia and its food =D so delicious!

      Marinda Leigh.






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