Maid Cafe @ Home Cafe in Akiba

It's one of those things that you've all heard about, you find it intriguing and you definitely have to give it a try in Japan. It's a market that's unheard of, uncommon or even non existent in Australia. Where would you go to have girls dressed up as maids and serve you like a master? Or mistress in our case. You go to Japan. You go to a maid cafe.

It's not a strange, weird fetish that I have. If anyone is going to dress up like a maid, it's me. But it's something we just had to try. With Akihabara being known for their electronics, anime and otakus, no doubt the district is littered with Maid Cafes. We had a couple of  recommendations from friends; Maid Dreamin and @Home Cafe. We ended up choosing @Home Cafe in Don Quijote because we wanted to do a bit of shopping at Don Qui after.

By the time we got there, we were soaked through to our skin due to the pouring rain and we were very glad to be inside and somewhat dry. It was an interesting first experience. We were seated at counters and the menu was explained to us by a very cute blond maid in piggy tails and a high pitched anime voice. With our meals, we also had a choice of three games with a maid, a little souvenir to take home or pictures with a maid of our choice at the end. We decided of all that was offered, we wanted to be able to take home some cute pictures of our experience.

The dreary sight down into Akihabara from our seat

 Photo credits to @Home Cafe

 Photo credits to @Home Cafe

 Photo credits to @Home Cafe

Our drinks were brought out to us and caramel was used to draw some art. Before we were left to our own devices, we had to put a special "spell" on our drinks and food by waving our hands back and forth and repeating after the maid's chant! It was uncomfortably awkward for me, though the boys seated next to us seemed to enjoy this part when it was their turn.

Me and my love for rabbits!

 Photo credits to @Home Cafe

Although the presentation of the food was cute, it was no where near delicious. It wasn't even very good. We were barely given any attention because, I suspect, we weren't men. It was somewhat of a disappointment because we were expecting a normal cafe with maids as our waitresses. It wasn't a very pleasant experience and to add insult to injury, when we offered a credit card to pay, one of the maids stared at us as if we were stupid and told us it was cash only.

The upside was that some of the maids there were really friendly and cute and we got some cute photos as souvenirs. We had a choice of ear accessories and poses and got a picture with two maids. That was fun! And they personalised it for us!

And I've included a box of cookies from @home cafe with the Giveaway from Japan! If you haven't joined yet, now is the chance for you to do so and be in the running for three big prizes from Japan!

We thought that a butler cafe would have been better suited for us but turns out it didn't do it for us either. We went to Butlers Cafe in Shibuya but found them to be very creepy and extremely rude. First off, as we walked in, we were greeted with a Caucasian blond male shouting "Welcome, princesses!" with a wide sweep of his arm which totally gave us the creeps. We thought it would be Japanese butlers so that too was a disappointment. And on top of that, we were with my friend, Steven, and the manager took one look at us and started to slowly close the door on us. Rude, rude, rude! I warn anyone against going there.

I can't speak for the other Butler Cafe based in Ikebukuro because, bad luck for us, on the day we finally decided to go there, it was closed. I hope if anyone decides to go there, you'll have a better experience than we did with the first one!

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