One thing I planned to do early on in Japan was to get my hair done. Under the recommendation of my friend Taka, we went to FREEVE in Shibuya. Down the road from Shibuya 109, it was a red and white themed salon with large glass windows and very stylish seats. Turns out this was also the salon my friend Ryoko had been recommending me to go to. Check out their Facebook page here.

Picture credit to FREEVE -

Picture credit to FREEVE -

As our Japanese isn't as strong as it used to be, both my best friend and I were slightly nervous about how to convey what we wanted but we found that the staff were very accommodating and polite and tried their best to communicate with us despite the language barrier.


I definitely recommend bringing a picture in to the salon (whether you choose FREEVE or another) if your grasp of the Japanese language isn't strong. This will help your stylist (or creator as they call it) better understand what it is you're after.

The staff at FREEVE definitely made sure we were comfortable. They brought us tea and snacks as we waited for perm and colour and even went out of their way to bring me a specific magazine that I mentioned I really like. It's small things like that that make me feel like a valued client.

Freeve creator Hiroki in the background

There's a promotion for first time clients that you'll find is consistent throughout most salons in Japan and you may be pleasantly surprised like we were when you pay. We paid roughly 10,000 yen each for a wash, blowdry, cut, perm/colour and treatment. I don't know what it's like in other countries but for someone from Perth, that's a great deal! You do have to be prepared to pay in cash, though, so make sure you bring enough.

The end result of the colour. Hair is also styled by Hiroki-san.

We were both happy with our new styles, the prices we paid and the customer service. It was definitely a great way to start the trip!


  1. Indeed, the price is quite affordable! And your hair colour + styling looks lovely! <3 :)

    1. Thanks Lauraleia! I'm really glad to hear that ^_^

      Marinda Leigh.






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