Indulgence at its Best

Before I arrived in Melbourne, Ashlee emailed me and asked whether I was keen for a spa day and some High Tea. Needless to say, I did not turn down the offer. I am always keen for some pampering and anything to do with food.

We settled on The Waiting Room in Crown Melbourne for high tea. It was absolute indulgence. There was so much dessert, I had to limit myself to one bite of each variety and leave the rest uneaten. The coffee was good, the service was good and the food was absolutely delightful! The scones were a tad bit harder and more crumbly than I'm used to but the lemon curd that accompanied it was amazing! A definite highlight of this high tea! So good that I'm going to try my hand at reinventing it in my own kitchen. I just have to say it was an amazing lunch.



And for the spa day, we chose Sakura Lounge and Spa in inner city Melbourne. Melbourne's utilisation of their alleyways is such a quaint and foreign thing to me. I always get a little thrill as I step into an alleyway with a purpose. In my head, I know of a secret place that no-one else does. In fact, I was going for a two and a half hour pampering session! Ashlee and I got the friends and lovers package for $270 and it was worth every cent! So amazing that I fell asleep a few times amidst the massaging and tinkling music. Utter relaxation in the middle of a busy city.

Spending two and a half hours in Sakura Lounge and Spa was the highlight of my trip so I highly recommend that if you're ever in Melbourne, this is definitely a must do!

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