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There’s no better feeling for me than coming home after a long day at work to a room of freshly cut fruits or fresh flowers. It’s like an invitation to drop everything and fling myself on a couch and breathe out in relief. But who is there to cut fruits for me or fill my vases with fresh flowers when I’m at work? My loyal, loving dogs? Unfortunately, no. They’re only dogs and aren't physically capable of such a feat even if they wanted to.

It’s actually Circa Home who fill my house with subtle, fresh scents that I wake up to in the morning and come home to in the evening. And every now and then, when I have the doors and windows open and a breeze flows past, it brings with it a hint of fragrance. Oh, Circa Home, you have made my house complete.

One of my favourite pastimes is going shopping. Shopping for clothes, shopping for shoes and shopping for things to improve my home. I came across the fantastic range of fragrance diffusers and soy candles in Bed, Bath N Table - Garden City, Booragoon. I spent a good deal of time sniffing the different diffusers and candles and found that my heart had set itself on 1993 Cara Cara Orange fragrance diffuser. It was the scent  I came back to every time. So I bought it and as soon as I got home, I broke it open and rejoiced in the beautiful aroma that poured out into my living room. How do I describe this beautiful fragrance? To me, it's like when you cut up a mango and put it onto a plate alongside some cut oranges. Summery, fresh and light. 

Another Circa Home favourite of mine is the 1961 Jasmine and Magnolia. This one sits in my bedroom and releases a beautiful floral fragrance very similar to having a vase of fresh flowers put in there daily. To avoid overpowering my room with too much fragrance, I put only a few of the provided reeds and this results in a subtly romantic scent. Perfect for the bedroom. Check out the fragrance diffusers here at Circa Home's website.

Along with the fragrance diffuser, I bought the 1993 Cara Cara Soy Candle which has the same sweet smell. I must admit though, to have found a strange underlying scent while burning the candle which isn't completely to my liking. But apart from that, I've found myself to be extremely happy with Circa Home's products; their packaging is plain and simple, their scents are beautiful and enticing and on top of this, Circa Home has put careful thought into the environment and their products are recyclable and reusable. Check out their page here to find out more about their Australian-made natural Soy Wax Candles.


  1. After reading your blog I went out and got my hands on a cara cara orange diffuser. I agree that this product is fantastic and a welcome addition to my home.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog and I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

      Marinda Leigh.







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