Lowdown - My Morning Shot

What is it that gets you through the day? Is it that regular skinny cappuccino from the place across the road? Well, you may have guessed it but that’s exactly what it is for me.

Coffee is my vice. Coffee is that one thing I’m hanging out for during work and when I get the chance, I run across the street to a lingering aroma that walks me to the counter like a warm welcome. And when that delicious first sip of silky smooth coffee finally rolls down my throat, I can exhale and that tension from work slowly drains away. 

Shop 16a Cloisters Arcade Hay St
Perth, WA 6000

If you’re ever in Perth CBD, this is the place to go. Your loyalties may lie elsewhere, like it did for me once upon a time, but Low Down’s great coffees will eventually win your heart. And as much as you try to hide it, deep down inside, you’ll find that you love those boys that make the coffees too. 

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  1. Mm.. Those boys are delicious.


    1. Hi Yung,

      I'm not sure how to respond. Those boys at Low Down are great. I'm not so sure about how delicious they are, though.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and I hope you're anticipating our next post.

      Marinda Leigh.

  2. Boys and Coffee Shops.
    Just remembering the ones in Korea!

    I really enjoyed that quote. I agree. Coffee is a great reason to get together.


    1. I remember those boys in the Korean coffee shops too =P

      When you come to Perth, I'll definitely take you to Low Down and we'll get amazing coffees!

      Marinda Leigh.







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