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As I go through the mundanities of life, day in, day out, I wonder what else it is that I could be doing to make my life that much more enriched. I go through the same routine, waiting for the weekend to come where I can throw my feet up and finally enjoy the freedom of life and everything else it offers!

But Monday comes before I know it and the weekend has gone by so quickly. I continue on with the cycle and I feel lost in the crowd of people; commuters going to work in the same robotic fashion. There’s not a smile to be seen, nor a bright face in the crowd. Just a wall of solemn and resigned faces going back to work.

Work - noun \ˈwərk\
the labor, task, or duty that is one's accustomed means of livelihood

Are we living in a perpetual cycle revolving around work just as a means of livelihood? Living in a routine we choose to bind ourselves into? Where is the time to appreciate life? Where is the time to see the world you and I were born into?

So, tell me. When will you start making the most your one wild and precious life? As for me; I choose to break free from the clutches of expectations and social norms and I choose to make the most of life every day, everywhere I go. I want to do something daily that makes my heart beat just that little bit faster! I want to reach out to the world and change it for the better little by little. 

Welcome to the very first edition of Marinda Leigh and join me as I take life by the reins and try to change the world for the better a person at a time. There are three main goals here at Marinda Leigh and they are To Discover. To Share. To Inspire. So stay with me as I bumble through life and share with you my voice and life as I see it.


  1. Don't be a 9 to 5'er if you can help it.

    The definition of a "Holiday" is anything that breaks up a routine. For me at least, that big horrible R-word is the thing to be avoided at all costs.

    I don't know when I will have time off, when I will miss birthdays, Xmas's etc....but also I know I will not work in the same place (be it office or offshore) for more than a few months at a time. That the workgroup and people I meet will be ever-changing and interesting.

    This life is not for everyone but for me it's the oxygen I breathe, with a routine I feel stifled and trapped (perhaps like you are feeling now).

    So go take a long look at your options, your dreams and your needs. Throw out the net and see what comes back. There's no need to be part of the rat race if you can feel like the cat instead :)

    Luke C (from work!)

    1. Thanks for reading the first post of Marinda Leigh, Luke. You've hit the nail on the head with routine. It is stifling and most definitely gives a sense of being trapped.

      It's fantastic that you've found a way out of the rat race and that's definitely something the rest of us should take a long, hard look at.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and I hope you stick around for the next post of Marinda Leigh!

      Marinda Leigh.






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